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PA System Subwoofers

Need more low end in your mix?? You need one of our Subwoofers...

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Subwoofers are added to PA Systems when they require extra amplification of the bass frequencies. This can be for things like kick drums, bass guitar, keyboards or even just to get more bass when playing back tracks.

A basic starting point for adding most subs to your pa system is to cross them over at around 100 Hz. It is possible to move that crossover point either higher or lower, it does depend on your specific system and you'll usually find the ideal crossover point for you after a bit of experimentation. Another benefit of adding a sub to your system is that it reduces the load on your full range (top) speakers, allowing them some more headroom in the middle and high frequency range.

As always, our expert staff are here to help either in store or over the phone should you need it!