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PA Speakers

Speakers for Live Sound Applications

A PA (Public Address) speaker is a type of loudspeaker that is designed for use in public address systems. These systems are used to amplify and distribute sound in a variety of settings, including concerts, speeches, and presentations, among others.

PA speakers are designed to be highly efficient, allowing them to produce a clear and powerful sound even when used in large venues or outdoor spaces. They typically feature at least one high-frequency driver, such as a compression driver, and one or more low-frequency drivers, such as woofers or subwoofers, to produce a full-range sound. These components are used in conjunction with an amplifier, which increases the signal it receives to an amount capable of driving them.

Some PA speakers are passive/unpowered, meaning they require an external amplifier to drive them, but most speakers on the market today are active/powered, and include an integrated amplifier.