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DJ Mixers

It doesn't matter if you are after your first DJ mixer, or if you're a seasoned pro looking for the best DJ Mixer there is - you'll find it here!

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In the scheme of things, DJ Mixers seem fairly simple - but make no mistake, a DJ Mixer is possibly the most important component of your setup. The humble DJ Mixer ties together all your equipment like turntables, media players and even microphones - basically any source you can think of. The DJ Mixer then gives you control over all of it, letting you set individual levels, fade between songs, apply EQ techniques, add effects (not all DJ Mixers have built in effects) and even talk over the top of it all using the microphone channel. 

DJ Mixers come in all shapes, sizes and channel counts. Depending on how many sources of material you have, you may only need a DJ Mixer with a minimal channel count, or you may be running a stack of equipment and need plenty of channels for it all. From 2 channel scratch mixers to club mixers with upwards of 7 channels, we have the DJ Mixer for you.

As always, if you need any advice, our staff are here to help - in store, via phone or email.