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Statement from QLD Sound and Lighting Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It's Business as Usual Here! 

We'd like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers regarding our trading whilst the country deals with this crisis. 

COVID-19 has most definitely had an effect across every industry, but we are well prepared.

We hold between a month and three months worth of stock on most popular items. We have enough stock of most other items to last a long time as well. 

We have also been informed by our suppliers that stock is still plentiful across most lines, and there are containers of stock on the water already heading to Australia. 

It is business as usual, no delays are expected. 

We have also been placing large orders in advance of the containers arrival to ensure we are able to provide our customers with the products they want.

Any delay (if at all) will most likely be seen in 3-4 months - the factories based in China are mostly re-opened and are working at capacity to reduce any future delays due to shortages whilst they were closed. 

Currently, there will be no delays at all, as we are lucky to have the capability of shipping from warehouses in QLD, NSW and VIC - these are full of stock and ready to go.

Regarding Returns:

There are certain laws regarding returns and your rights as a customer, and these have not changed at all.

We have a strict returns policy that states we will not take returns on any product that may be hygiene related. This has always been enforced, and always will be.

We also DO NOT sell open box or returned products as new, as many other retailers do. 

If you see a product on our site you can rest assured it is brand new and unopened. Any opened box or returned item is clearly marked as such to avoid any confusion, and will be in the clearance category of our site. 

Daily Routines:

We are still receiving multiple trucks of stock daily, and staff here are working with our logistics partners to minimise contact where possible, in the interest of safety.

Our store is still open, we are still taking orders and shipping them out as fast as possible - usually same day - and we anticipated a lot of stock being sold for things like home based recording and podcasting. 

So I'm happy to say we have a lot of stock of items in these categories.

We are prepared, there will be no effect we can currently see for our customers at this point in time.

Now is a great time to get that song recorded, practice your instrument, make beats - the list is long. 

To our customers and colleagues in the live music industry, we will support you.

Many shows have been cancelled already, and any other shows that would attract 100 people or more will surely follow from today. 

We are in the industry also, so we feel the pain as well.

If you are a one of our valued customers who is out of work due to their shows being cancelled because of this crisis and are on any sort of payment agreement with our store, we are happy to have your scheduled payments deferred until things are back to normal. 

Once things do start getting back to normal, we will continue to support you and make whatever arrangements necessary to get you back out gigging.

From free equipment rental, to something as simple as guitar strings you may not be able to afford at that point in time. Our company is committed to making sure you get back to doing what you do best as soon as possible.

We are behind you 100%, 

If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact us.

- QLD Sound and Lighting 

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