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Yamaha Functional Speaker Cover for DXR15, DBR15 and CBR15

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Perfectly functional covers for perfectly function>

You've spent good money on you Yamaha active speakers, so protect them with original Yamaha covers. These have extremely high construction quality and fit perfectly. Since my storage space is not ideal (garden shed) I began getting worried about spiders and cobwebs, which are not only a PITA each time I need to get ready for a gig, but also put my speakers at risk - yes, wildlife can and do get into electronics and cause damage. I feel at least ten times more comfortable storing my DBR15s in my shed now I have these. Even if there were a little bit of drizzle getting in there, these covers with their tighly woven fabric would put my mind at ease. As a bonus even when they are being used, you can leave them on and open the front and back flaps for some extra protection. Another benefit is that when transporting them back and forth you can be less worried about sudden evasive (or otherwise) maneuvers scratching up the nice textured plastic enclosures. An easy 5 stars. Worth the price.