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Turbosound Milan M10 600 Watt 10 Inch Powered Speaker

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Turbosound M10 PA Speaker>

I have two Australian Monitor 10 inch PA speakers which I use for gigs. They're quite adequate for my duo, but I've been hiring a foldback speaker for the past two years, not wanting to spend another thousand dollars. The last few times the hirer has provided me with a Turbosound Milan M10, and I fell in love with it. I looked around for a good price to purchase one, and couldn't believe QLD Sound & Lighting had them for $519 with free shipping! Unfortunately they were out of stock, but estimated a two-week wait. This proved to be a fairly accurate forecast, and my speaker was subsequently delivered to my door. Without hesitation I did a comparison of the M10 with the Australian Monitor, and found the M10 to have far more punch and presence for both voice and acoustic guitar. The List of features on this guy is quite impressive. There's a Clip Indicator, a 100Hz Lo-Cut Switch, a Limit Indicator and a Speech/Music Program Switch - all of which don't feature on the competitor. The Front LED Status is a really nice touch. The blue light on the front can be toggled between permanently on, permanently off, or to display action of the limiting circuits. Another great feature is the reinforced threaded inserts that facilitate aerial suspension. Oh, and there are TWO speaker-stand ports in the base, providing the options of vertical and angled mounting. All in all, it's a far better product than what I've been using, with much more power, and I'm seriously considering replacing my two Australian Monitor 'equivalents' with The Turbosound Milan M10 - from QLD Sound & Lighting, of course.