Midas M32C 40 Channel Digital Rack Mount Mixer

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Packing the brain of their flagship M32 into a single rack space, the 40-input, 25-bus Midas M32C digital rack mixer lets you run massive amounts of I/O to multiple locations via digital snake.


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Digital Rack Mixer for Installed and Live Sound Applications with 40 Input Channels and 25 Mix Buses 

An M32 Packed Into a Single Rack Space!

Packing the brain of their flagship M32 into a single rack space, the 40-input, 25-bus Midas M32C digital rack mixer lets you run massive amounts of I/O to multiple locations via digital snake - and it's all piped through a single, convenient Cat 5 cable, thanks to integrated AES50 networking technology.

In other words: say goodbye to your bulky analogue snake!

You also get 8 DCA groups, 6 mute groups, 8 effects engines, an expansion port, and wireless remote control via your computer or smart device.

So step up to the digital age - buy your Midas M32C digital rack mixer today!


  • 40 input channels, 25-bus, 1RU rack-mountable digital mixing core for live and installed sound application
  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • High-performance aluminium and high-impact steel structure
  • 40 bit floating point digital signal processing
  • 8 DCA and 6 mute groups
  • 8 digital signal processing effects engines
  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface
  • Built-in expansion port for audio interface cards or digital networking bridges
  • MIDI In/Out for remote scene recall or controlling other MIDI equipment
  • Optional wireless remote control with Midas Apps for iPhone and iPad as well as Android
  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
  • 10-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in England

The 40 input, 25 bus Midas M32C takes the brain of their flagship M32 Digital Mixing Console and packs it all into a high-performance aluminium and steel 1RU form factor.

Combine the M32C with the Midas DL16 or DL32 Stage Boxes to effortlessly run sound with high I/O counts in multiple remote locations. Dual AES50 networking CAT5 connectors allow for up to 96 remote inputs and 48 output channels to be controlled from and processed by the M32C.

All of this can be managed concurrently from various locations and instances via free remote control software applications, M32-EDIT, M32-MIX, and M32-Q.

Above all, M32C is designed to put the power of digital in your hands, without compromise.

MIDAS’ singular focus on a matchless value proposition means M32C integrates advanced features such as integrated personal monitor mixing and true high-speed digital audio networking as standard features.

Built for Tomorrow

The M32C is a console built for today, and tomorrow – its rock-solid proprietary operating system and the 0.8 ms audio engine provide outstanding state-of-the-art audio performance for years to come.

100-Band RTA for all Channel/Bus EQs

The Midas M32C includes a 100-band Real Time Analyser (RTA) with full Bar and Spectrograph views on the M32-EDIT control application. This high-resolution RTA displays the audio energy distribution in 100 frequency bands over time - capturing a sonogram window of a full 10 seconds.

Switch between the Large RTA view, displaying any available signal in full screen resolution, or the Combined view with the RTA view shown above each of the channel and bus EQ curves.

See the results of your filtering choices in the audio spectrum directly. Additionally, the RTA can be displayed on top of the 31-band graphic EQs in the FX rack.

Monitoring and controlling frequencies has never been easier!

Virtual Effects Racks

The M32C includes an extensive array of on-board effects, rendering outboard processing racks a thing of the past.

The Virtual FX rack features 8 true stereo, studio-grade effects engines each assignable to any input, group or output mix bus. Choose from high-end FX modules including a range of reverbs, delays, EQs, dynamics and much more.

Each FX algorithm has been completely re-imagined for stunning performance – typically costing several times the price of the M32C alone.

Custom-designed, and physically modelled after some of the most iconic and sought-after processors, all effects run inside the low-latency environment of the M32C mix engine, ensuring flawless performance, flexible routing and the end of cable faults forever!

DCA Groups

DCA (Digitally Controlled Amplifier) and Mute groups allow control over several signals at once without actually mixing them into a subgroup bus.

The M32C’s 8 DCA groups, and 6 Mute groups, let you control multiple signals via a single control, such as the entire drum mix, the horn section, or the backup vocalists, etc. 

DCA control affects the FOH mix, while allowing the individual buses to remain unchanged. The result is a customised workflow that provides maximum flexibility, but still allows individual buses and subgroups to serve the purpose they were intended for, such as zone sends, broadcast feeds, etc.

You Are Connected

Each Midas M32C comes loaded with all of the digital connectivity and functionality you need, right out of the box.

On-board USB 2.0 connectivity delivers a full 32 x 32 channels of audio and MIDI to your DAW.

Integrated multi-channel digital audio interfaces connect to remote stage boxes and the P16 Personal Monitor System.

Native Ethernet control enables remote operation by computer, iPad or iPhone over a wired or wireless network, across the room – or across the planet!

Dual AES50 network ports featuring KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC technology support up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs over shielded (STP) CAT5 cable, allowing remote stage boxes and sharing signals among several connected M32 series mixers and other MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK and AES50-equipped products.

On-board ULTRANET provides a 16-channel digital mix direct to P16 Personal Monitor Mixers, without added hardware, cost or latency.

Ethernet, USB and MIDI are all standard features on M32C. 

An additional expansion slot is also included, so that the M32C can connect to current and future digital audio networks and link protocols via a wide range of expansion cards including USB, ADAT, MADI and Audinate Dante.

Digital Stage Box

The MIDAS DL16 digital stage box (sold separately) closes the gap between stage and FOH by placing 16 fully-programmable, remotely controllable high-end MIDAS mic preamps and 8 analogue, balanced XLR returns at the stage end.

Connecting over a single shielded (STP) CAT5 cable, up to three DL16 or MIDAS DL150 stage boxes can be daisy-chained to deliver 48 channels in and 24 out to the stage.

Dual AES50 ports on the M32R allow up to 96 input channels to be connected and routed in the same system.

Expansion & Networking

The M32C’s expansion slot provides flexible and expandable connectivity for many different applications.

A wide array of KLARK TEKNIK expansion cards can easily be used in place of the pre-installed DN32-USB card to release the power of M32C into existing MADI, Dante and ADAT networks.

Fully compatible with these widely available audio protocols, the M32C delivers a seamless integration in digital live sound, recording and broadcast environments.

M32-EDIT (PC, Mac, Linux)

Just as in life, you can never have too many connections – and this applies to controlling the console itself.

Simply connect the Midas M32C to a laptop or desktop computer via LAN, wireless network or Ethernet cable, and take total remote command of the M32C. Move a fader on the PC, it moves a virtual fader on the M32C; press a button on the computer, the virtual button toggles on the M32C.

The M32-EDIT app is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to use the physical group faders and buttons of an M32 or M32R console (DAW Remote function engaged), or any MCU (Mackie Control Universal) compatible control surface to remotely control the M32C.

This feature provides an extremely-powerful and useful solution for side of stage monitor control, individual control of multiple installed M32Cs, as well as multiple remote control stations of the same M32C.

The M32-EDIT also lets you create scenes on your PC beforehand to minimise the time required for sound checks.

With the M32-EDIT software for PC, Mac and Linux, your computer becomes your virtual M32C.

M32-MIX (iPad)

Front of House is wherever you and your iPad are – thanks to the new M32-MIX App for iPad. Just plug in a wireless router via Ethernet cable to the M32C, and then wirelessly connect up to 10 iPad devices, which is especially handy for custom monitor mixes.

The M32-MIX App lets you control all 32 mic inputs, 8 Aux inputs and 16 buses – plus the FX stereo returns and the Matrix, Main, and DCA levels.

Select a fader bank on the iPad, slide the virtual faders and M32C’s motorised faders instantly mirror your action. Additionally, thanks to the Sends on Faders functionality, your iPad now controls 16 independent monitor mixes.

The M32-MIX App gives you the flexibility and mobility to make running sound a breeze!

M32-Q (iPhone, iPod Touch)

M32-Q is the perfect tool for setting up your personal monitoring mix with the MIDAS M32C Digital Mixing Console.

Compatible with iPhone models and iPod touch devices, each artist can run their own M32-Q App to adjust and tweak their personal wedge’s mix.

M32-Q includes an assignable MCA (Mix Control Association) feature that makes monitor mixing simple enough to be adjusted during performance.

Assign any input or combination of inputs to one of the 4 MCA controls inside M32-Q and instantly get “more me”, “less band”, “more click track”… with a single sweep of your finger.

M32-Q (Android)

M32-Q is also available for Android devices, allowing you to set up your personal monitoring mix with the MIDAS M32C Digital Mixing Console.

Compatible with Android (2.2 or higher) mobile devices, each artist can run their own M32-Q Android app to adjust and tweak their personal IEM or wedge monitor mix with an interface similar to the iPhone app.

The app includes an assignable MCA (Mix Control Association) feature for monitor mixing simple enough to be adjusted during performance. You can assign any input or combination of inputs to one of the 4 MCA controls inside M32-Q Android.

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10 Years Warranty!

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