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QLD Sound and Lighting puts their money where their mouth is with Turbosound and Lab.Gruppen

QLD Sound and Lighting puts their money where their mouth is with Turbosound and Lab.Gruppen

QLD Sound and Lighting has recently taken delivery of a Turbosound Liverpool Series Line Array System, all powered by Lab.Gruppen PLM amplifiers. 

Why did they choose this system? 

Brent from QLD Sound and Lighting explains: 

"We've been looking at expanding our hire inventory, so as a dealer and a long time user of Turbosound, we decided to show our confidence in the brand by purchasing a quantity of the Liverpool Series TLX84 dual 8" elements and TLX215L dual 15 subs". 

This system sounds amazing, both when flown and ground stacked. The versatility and size of this system was appealing, but sound quality and reliability come first. We got everything we were looking for in this system. It's extremely versatile, has incredible build quality and sounds amazing in many different configurations. 

This system is backed up with an industry leading 10 year warranty, that alone proves that Turbosound have a lot of confidence in their equipment.

As a long term FOH sound engineer, I've grown to be incredibly picky when it comes to sound. When deployed correctly, line array systems can work extremely well in a lot of situations. But when deployed incorrectly, they can be a disaster and sometimes a point source system would of been a better choice. 

These boxes are capable of a large amount of different uses and applications, and they do it well. You can go from a corporate event one night to an outdoor concert the next.

This system is extremely easy to rig and use. Every nuance is heard even at an extremely high SPL and the throw on it is great. 

Turbosound has an incredible history of producing excellent boxes, and this system clearly shows they still do. When paired with the PLM amplifiers, the flexibility, sound and control of this system is unbeatable."

Speaking of amplifiers, why the Lab PLM series?

"Well that's a no-brainer in my opinion. We are also Lab dealers and long time users, but just because we are dealers doesn't mean we would settle for anything but the best. 

Lab.Gruppen are the best there is when it comes to amplification, and the Lake DSP on the PLM series provides a level of control that cannot be matched. 

These amplifiers feature flexible power routing, allowing you to configure the amplifier to take power from channels that don't need it and add it to a channel that does. This also can reduce the amount of amplifiers used, making cost of ownership viable for a lot of production companies. 

All those features aside, these amps sound amazing and the power they can produce is unmatched, especially when  considering their size and weight."

So what do you hope to accomplish with this system?

"First and foremost, we need to show our customers that we do actually use the brands we represent and aren't just sales people trying to hit sales targets like other stores. 

We consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to professional live sound and we decided to lead by example when considering purchasing equipment - especially things at this price point. 

Secondly, we want to make this system available to all production companies in the area if they need something larger for a one-off show. 

Most importantly however, We want to encourage others to consider this system when making a purchase, and if they do they can reduce the amount of boxes that are needed upfront. 

Our customers will always have access to ours and we will happily provide what they need, when they need it - therefore enabling them to scale up their system over time.

Turbosound and Lab.Gruppen are extremely tech rider-friendly, which also need to be taken into consideration.

Any production companies or venues considering the Turbosound TLX or Lab.Gruppen PLM series are welcome to contact us for an in-depth demonstration."

QLD Sound's TLX system consists of:

16 x TLX84 dual 8" elements

4 x TLX215L dual 15" flyable subs

2 x Lab.Gruppen PLM 12K44 12,000 watt 4 channel amplifiers with Lake DSP

4 x TLX84-RC4 road case to fit 4 elements each

4 x TLX215L-WHB wheel boards for TLX215L

2 x TLX84-FLB Flybars

Demo's are always available and rental enquiries are welcomed.

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