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Behringer WING 48 Channel Digital Mixing Console with 10 Inch Touchscreen

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Def a learning curve at first, but I love this thi>

I’ll admit when I first jumped on it I was a little frustrated with the workflow, but I soon realised it’s only because I’ve mixed so long on other consoles and the workflow they taught me doesn’t actually make sense! Once you wrap your head around the routing and get into a groove with the wing, it just feels natural. The sources concept is genius. I’ve got no idea why it took someone so long to realise this and do something about it. Sure, you can soft patch on most digitals, but the sources concept makes it super easy to grab your sound source and throw it wherever you like anywhere on the board. Want to move up 6 faders, easy on nearly any other board. But with the wing nothing is left behind. All the channel attributes move with it and aren’t physically tied to a certain input or position. This console is super powerful, especially for the price. I do wish it could do 96k, but at this price you can’t expect the world. To be honest, nobody I’ve ever met can hear the difference between 48 and 96 when mixing live - I can’t either. I’m in love with this console, very highly recommended. Amazed that these guys had them in stock, I got mine next day. It seems they have everything! Cheers blokes!