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Behringer 302USB 5 Channel Analogue Mixer with USB Audio Interface

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Great mixer for gamers>

I play a WW2 flight simulator. In the game I am able to talk to my wingman and him to me. Without sidetone, with my headset on (and me only able to hear game sounds and other pilots speaking - my own voice being very muffled to me), in the heat of battle, I end up speaking WAY TOO LOUDLY and my wife has certainly had enough of me 'yelling at the people on the computer' The behringer mixer solved the problem for me.... There are alternative solutions but they are suboptimal: they produce echo (eg: the windows 10 software setting); annoy other folk (open back headsets); they have latency, low volume or both (seems headsets with inbuilt sidetone are often reported to have latency or low volume problem). This is cheaper than a new gaming headset ( if you can find one with sidetone) Also the sidetone volume is adjustable with this mixer. The Behringer MA400 is an alternative (and cheaper) if you dont want to use USB but the cabling is a bit more fiddley. BTW I have zero relationship with Behringer . Until last week I had never heard of them. There is a lot of rubbish on the net with 'solutions' and 'experts' espousing statements like "what would you want that for" and so on. But there is an old (2014) thread on Linus Tech Tips Forum dealing with the problem (its pages long). I installed the mixer a few days ago and it works great... Hope this helps someone. PS: Sidetone?